Courses, chapters, sections, subsections

If you want to learn a lot of math, you certainly want to take courses. There are inevitably fringe topics that courses exclude, but most are easiest to comprehend after taking a course and encountering a topic somewhat related to the fringe one. My goal is to put everything on this site into the structure of courses, chapters, and sections. Each section will contain a collection of resources, accessible by clicking "Other resources," or something like that. The collection of resources will have a flat set of topics, with each topic representing a single idea. For example, if there were a section "Adding within 5," it might have "Adding within 5 using fingers," "Adding within 5 using counters," "Worksheets," etc. This style of organization is what I've found works best, but I'm open to hearing arguments for alternatives.

In the future, all sections will contain two subsections. The first, is called "Objectives." Here I will state everything the student will learn, in full sentences. The second subsection, is called "Problem examples." Here I will list the variety of problems that are related to the section. Along with each problem, I will be providing a brief description as to what distinguishes it from other problems in the subsection. To get a taste of the new format, check out my page on factoring differences of squares.