My morals

The world is filled with buzzwords and subtle manipulation. "This activity will increase your child's number sense" is a nearly vacuous statement. Whenever someone is trying to sell you something, they'll surround whatever it is with positive words. For example, "These magnetic ten frames are really nice. As you can see they're built from high-quality, durable materials, so they'll last for many years." I understand most people lack the critical thinking ability necessary to realize these statements are claims without evidence, but I don't like hearing such claims, and I will always treat you like I want to be treated. My goal is not to manipulate you into buying my product. I want you to see my product exactly how it is, and decide for yourself whether it would be useful for you or your students.

Ads are distracting and thinking hard requires focus. That's why I'll never show ads or run donation drives. I will never intentionally do anything that might impede your learning, and I hope that if I impede your learning unintentionally, you will contact me, and we can discuss a resolution.