Prioritizing YouTube channels

There are more YouTube videos currently available than I can index in one lifetime. Therefore, until I have money to hire others to help me index, I must loosely rank channels to add value to this site as quickly as possible. Roughly, I will be ranking channels as high, medium, low.

Best YouTube channels

Here's a list of what I consider to be the best YouTube channels for learning and teaching math. They are listed in alphabetical order.

All YouTube channels

Khan Academy
Almost every resource is useful. Very high priority.

Eddie Woo
Almost every resource is useful. Very high priority.

Matthew Salamone
Undergrad lessons that no other YouTube channels cover. Very high priority.

Very charismatic speaker. Lessons aren't as good as Eddie Woo's but often on par with Khan Academy's. Very high priority.

Extremely good teacher. Now covers intermediate algebra as well as various undergrad topics. Almost every video is useful. Very high priority.

The Math Sorcerer
Lots of good undergrad problems and explanations. Very high priority.

Polar Pi
Lots of interesting proofs, some of which occur nowhere else on YouTube, but he also has lots of videos that are inferior to others on the same topic. It will take time to wade through these videos. High priority.

All videos are high quality. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out where to place a video. High priority.

All videos are high quality. Some interesting concepts on this channel that can't be found anywhere else on YouTube. High priority.

Every video is of a high level of quality. However, most videos are on puzzles that are too difficult for the vast majority of students. Thus, finding videos which are useful to me takes considerable time and energy. High priority.

All his videos are very high quality, but some of his videos feature extremely hard problems. Knowing this, I must watch each video with a careful eye. This channel also features different ways of solving problems. For example, one of his videos explains four ways of factoring a quadratic. High priority.

Professor Leonard
Excellent teacher. His videos don't have nice titles like Eddie Woo's videos, so these will take considerable time to cut up and index. Medium priority.

Fantastic source of routine practice problems being solved. Not many explanations though. Medium priority.

The Organic Chemistry Tutor
Fantastic source of routine practice problems being solved. Not many explanations though. Medium priority.

Pierce College CAS
A good source of various routine practice problems being solved. Medium priority.

Fantastic source of routine practice problems being solved. Not many explanations though. Medium priority.

The vast majority of videos on this channel, consist of Eddie Woo's extremely generic advice for classroom teachers. These videos are not on any particular topic, such as how to teach factoring quadratics. Thus, the vast majority of the videos on this channel are not interesting to me. However, there are a few interesting videos. Low priority.

Wrath of Math
Best graph theory playlist on YouTube, although Sarada Herke is a close second. Many good videos for undergrads. Very high priority.

Mark Willis
Teacher of A-level maths with tons of excellent videos!

All videos are for algebra 1 (elementary algebra). These appear to be good quality.

Let's Learn, Nemo!
Precalc, calc 1/2, probability, statistics, and some other random math videos on real analysis, etc.

Nakia Rimmer
Calc 1/2/3

Dan Kernler
Undergraduate stats videos

Graduate level math. Need someone with this knowledge to index these videos.

Pilot Math
One video on simplifying radicals. The other videos could be part of a bridge course. Not many videos on this channel.

Professor Kellum
Looks like he teaches trigonometry and calc 1, although I only browsed his videos very briefly.

Jenny Ellis
Approximately 50 videos, in total, on the topics of algebra 2 and trigonometry.

Reenu Math
Looks like videos for grades 4-12. All videos appear to be good quality. Nothing special about these videos.

Real Math Solutions
Looks like mostly 4th and 5th grade stuff. Not many videos, but they're uploading a lot lately.

Nat Ayton
Videos for Australia's year 10 and year 12 curriculum.

Algebra 2 and calculus 1, 79 videos each.

Mineola Creative Content
Math videos scattered throughout. Likely high quality.

Undergrad theorems and problems

High quality videos that need to be indexed.

Icon Math
High quality videos that need to be indexed.

Barbara Rademacher
Bad presentation, but great topics for Algebra 1/2.

Teaches high school geometry and algebra 1.

Lots of high quality high school level videos I need to index!

Ms. Temple's Math
Two of her videos have terrible audio! There may be decent videos on this channel, but indexing this channel is definitely low priority.

Constantin B├╝rgi
Some dynamic programming videos I should watch and maybe index.

Sue Popelka
Lots of high-quality high school videos.

High school math videos.

Nicole Dow-Macosky
~50 high school geometry videos. Hasn't uploaded in 6 years.

Simon Clark
I believe all his math videos are listed here. I think his only math video is "Why sin and cos don't mean anything," which I've already indexed.

There are some decent problems covered. Teacher is mediocre. Low priority.

Math with Mrs. Madsen
Algebra 1 videos. Probably every video is done better by Khan Academy. Low priority.

Girls' Angle
Most of these videos are garbage. Very low priority.