Skipped YouTube channels

The channel saurabhschool has some playlists that are titled things like "Graph theory," but all playlists except Calculus Tutorial (Basics and Advanced Lectures) are about programming.
Mathevengers (UCCXHQgQDq8oCFBQNwlnIrkg)
Poor explanations, moderate accent, and annoying sound effects.
michael weir (UCXL3MNZ_q0BbPVk8K7o8h9A)
This man believes all sorts of hogwash.
WikiAudio (UCSxsi2uNwmewgetIeveu8pQ)
This is just a robot reading Wikipedia pages.
glancingit (UC-AZurmu6ZGflDh8EFpORPw)
Only has two math videos and they both have scratchy audio.
Howie Schwesky (UCqtll254nzMR7HtoK_auZ7w)
I watched fTZOrHifpOI and the video resolution was terrible. Then I watched 05HbjSsNfmc and the audio quality was terrible. Maybe his explanations are good, but even if that's the case, his videos are pretty much unwatchable.
Dr. Sonendra Gupta (UCUiEPaoUe-yVZxz_QWJgbUA)
I watched 8O9fI_7Xpf8 and the audio quality was god-awful!
Mayur Gohil (UCCMINCKAPHx47cWMRq9sVyQ)
The way he speaks confuses me. His accent isn't too heavy, but his sentence structure is bizarre.
CUMATHS - Biswadip Sir (UC0XhWSuWqg10A7HK6veq1Ew)
I watched F9PUgFQTwdU and found the accent a bit too heavy.
Dr. Jatin Majithia (UCrOlfwSJ80gY4eZ6D2P_-Hw)
I watched tjzsVQvzRHs and IT9GMT0iSKQ. I found his accent just a bit too heavy. His English is pretty good, but still slightly broken.
Mad Teacher (UCIP89GMgL6aRUyxpJesSYbA)
I watched aR0t_mdx0DM and found all the animations distracting, and frankly, unecessary. They don't add anything to the explanation, they just distract from it.
wings of mathematics by Tanu Shyam Majumder (UCkMJSqeVh8OcJmo2iwdzJIA)
I watched mIBdAFY1kuM and found the accent too heavy, and the English a bit broken. What's more annoying is the constant moving of the camera.
Alex Kontorovich (UCMI1E-H6bJ3lG2576ENBo1g)
I watched yjzvqWX27As and the audio quality was awful!
Oon Han (UCTFTo4DebsjGz-VVWGH1prg)
I watched diJY0eEMjaI and it was terrible.
Rupesh Ghagi (UCv9gR6B9p14U_I21LodR_QQ)
I watched y43y0br2CcM and found his accent just a bit too heavy.
Mathematics by Dr. D. N. Garain (UCkMz1qkYI8leLaGCKtHVtkg)
I watched on video and the audio quality was awful.
Math World (UCaUDyDkyZoGJFKC3t9xYQXQ)
Watched OKHZYPFbt1E and IL7mKtiM_nk. In both videos, the camera was moving constantly. It's giving me a headache and making me nauseous.
Maths Advice On Your Device (UC_RnBqtWKsL1N0cmOf04_7w)
Accent just a bit too heavy.
Matt Mack's Maths (UCuHuPYPVxobniASnkfOZvIQ)
I watched iG_aXD9EdiM and Ok5UkEnGIRs. Too many interjections and filler words, plus often fumbling his words, makes his explanations very hard to follow.
Educare9 maths academy (UCwFggHJCTfF2-64BMi4fqeg)
Very heavy accent and slightly broken English taxes my brain too much.
Duane Novotni (UCarjzNbBGKVMjYX2XAoe-XA)
Both videos I watched had poor audio, each for a different reason. I doubt his other videos are any better.
Minity Maths (UCipj0YO3Ryj5NNCLjPFZBww)
I watched the video on the Pythagorean theorem. Way too many animations and sound effects. I felt extremely distracted. The explanation wasn't very good either.
Beth Harvey (UCiW0XmsMeKKM2UiGx0T6cnQ)
Teacher Chamnan (UCnl5ZLZFB5phwYwQh-45J-g)
Heavy accent, mumbling, soft spoken, very broken English, and mediocre audio quality.
Math Pirates Grades 6, 7 & 8 (UC6CH6dNZQn1QPRY9LMnSYvw)
Accent is too heavy. Takes too much brain power to understand what she's saying.
Tutor Expert (UCG1kQzfo0DDRB4a_fPfWbJQ)
Shaky camera, blurry at times throughout the two videos I watched. Bird chirping sporadically. Heavy accent. All of this taxes my brain, and it's not worth the effort.
wallaceopenmath (UCIWdGwRqhHME_DfT0K6A6tw)
This appears to be the old version of the YouTube channel "Tyler Wallace." We don't want to index his old videos if he has replaced them with higher quality videos, which seems likely.
themathgirl 2718 (UCDdKQy5hFvLZxhQiN930--w)
All of her videos are shaky, and each video has been done with a higher production value by someone else.
Watched a couple of his math videos and they both had horrible audio quality. This obliterated my confidence that his other videos would be any better.
victor he (UCFoUjg2IndpAryBtHbfOETg)
Audio quality is just barely not good enough. I'm getting a headache watching these videos.
These videos offer no explanation. They are just straight problem-answer-repeat. Also, their microphone needs a pop filter.
IMA Videos (UCBaHUyr_1yXpPafRI82F1kg)
I watched dCi6MytDap4 and it was long-winded. I do not care for this person's style of explanation.
Salvatore Brusco (UCuc06aRd6EPLWM4uZgCrrjA)
I watched 0jS1Ar4jbzU and found his explanations long-winded and confusing.
Ron Barrow (UC1_prm_mNBGQ3QRYMwXFPXA)
He advertises his website at the end of his videos. However, he let the website go, and it is now owned by someone selling penis extenders. We don't want some kid stumbling on this. Ron Barrows channel doesn't have amazing videos, so we don't lose much by skipping it anyway. (UCtIkuO0Q6JAN6O_u_GPxn9Q)
Accent is just a bit too heavy and English is somewhat broken. Takes too much brain power to understand what he's saying.
Digi-Block (UCphXTkfp3KktPCY5tEqUUkA)
This channel teaches using their own manipulative, which is inferior to base ten blocks.
Nick Robbins (UCPVfeL7mEZ8esfGeDlj6A3Q)
This guy isn't very good at explaining things. Too wordy and lots of "uuhhh"s and "uuummm"s.
ABC 123 CHANNEL (UCouwd3Rj16R3Oy7w01ONn-w)
Lots of animations, but little substance.
mathematically real (UCFM7EaGi6U7upUu3uzdgmzA)
Another teacher that has the auto-adjust feature enabled. This causes the camera to adjust its focus every few seconds, for reasons unknown to me, and I find it very distracting.
GH Sunshine (UC2GacHr4S_u1oDdDeX64hHg)
Accent is too heavy and English is too broken.
Red River College - Tutoring (UCkJFJJRHjKjs99sIHOYP-eg)
The guy doing the business admin course has a terrible microphone. I can't listen to it without feeling regret. The lady who does the other tutorials has an accent that's just slightly too much for me to comfortably understand her.
maths and science channel (UCnz0BEEmmeMc8yDu98lh2Mw)
English is very broken. Accent is heavy. He whispers in at least one of his videos and the background noise is just as loud as him talking. This video was terrible and obliterated my confidence that this could be a good channel.
Valencia College Math 24/7 (UCc9JNQE-cPmMYRd26uz1_YA)
Low audio and video quality. Sounds like speaker is far away from the microphone. Weird format where everything is slowly written. I don't want to waste my time watching someone write out an entire word problem unless that problem is very interesting. I don't think these videos should be indexed.
Geoff Olson (UC6l2XpqpFf6OUGYJIUuLOUQ)
This guy has the worst microphone on the planet. I suspect all his videos have terrible audio, thus I will not be indexing his videos.
fermatlittletheorem (UCw8KSAP9GHVQz1rxRGFyrDA)
Bad audio quality, shaky camera, and blurry video.
Phil Clark (UCT_yomjpYEi7TTCWAf8U1mw)
Very poor audio quality on the videos I watched.
RachelLynette101 (UCxHPtoiX0VwmdUbMGOjBeWg)
One video on Diffy Squares. She doesn't seem to realize that Diffy Squares can have more squares than four. She is trying to sell a product that no one should buy.
Accent too heavy and English too broken. Background noise is distracting. Sounds like he is recording audio at the bottom of a well.
Puzzle Adda (UCktJhLbXJJ1-ws06CWsTuHg)
Accent too heavy and English too broken.
Mdm ABH (UC9B7o9l6LW0bOFM352bd7YQ)
Accent too heavy and English too broken.
Matescium (UCIMDCfaEyjOTQbcTt97zRaw)
I have only watched two of his videos so far, but both were not worth indexing. I doubt his other videos are any better.
Vivek Kumar Jain (UCWO1uczAGfwj_ix5r9mQ-DQ)
Accent too heavy and English too broken.
Teo Banica (UCmj3ZKYU33YlyrVjhAQW92g)
Audio quality just barely not good enough. I wish I could afford to buy this guy a better microphone because he's covering material nobody else is.
Future Math (UC_CwgOG-Yep1e8F9g9fH3vA)
Resolution is terrible. Also he has a moderate accent, his English is slightly broken, and his voice sounds muffled.
dostotussigreatho (UCJL7bOA96kKTl6Vkh_uWP4w)
Horrible audio quality.
Mathema Teach (UCTvrNu6cpmMG6BeXoDln04A)
Punchy intro music and distracting animations.
Keith Mann (UCTm3iyNOX3qQdFjdQSTvlZA)
Poor audio quality makes the s sound squeaky and it's giving me a headache.
Morton Grove Public Library (PLU5xZ2QuhFB1HLwfhDcBxAhBsnlbnvvS9)
Math playlist is here. Lots of overacting and the audio quality is poor in every video I watched.
Maths With Melv (UCm_dINjrHMB73JWezQCAdMg)
This guy can't seem to control the pitch of his voice. Listening to him is uncomfortable.
Patrick Sheehan (UCHHp-Mc5SYBE9Q8eLV0A6wA)
Camera is too shaky in both of his "Kids! Stop Subtracting!" videos, which are currently his only math videos.
Predicting the Future (UC9nVqqi4MK495IXNGAg52Mg)
The two videos I watched had a shaky camera, the speaker uses a lot of filler words, has a moderate accent, and his explanations are clumsy.
Anmol The Math Sailor (UCwHiHHx32ns4y5yKoBn8d0g)
Poor, headache-inducing audio quality. Moderately broken English.
Educational Tricks (UCf0y8oZu9YFo0eYqOxY-5aA)
Foreign language YouTube channel with horrible audio quality.
Mind Your BRAIN (UCKwXUhNtxsxIH2YrhOwsx_w)
Horrible audio clipping.
Decaf-Math ASMR (UCGjS9qk4gcGknMnySmPI0Og)
Difficult to hear what she's saying because she's whispering.
Pebbles Kids Learning (UCc-BG8L5o7yqQjM81yHePnA)
The first video I watched, the speaker had a heavy accent, and somewhat broken English. Then I watched three more videos. One had no audio. The other two had horrible audio clipping.
myBlee Math TV in english (UCc__mg1ubB8FpOCyp2lQr3A)
Robotic voice that is sometimes difficult to understand.
Lumos Learning (UC2w-Gf7qp0ixDZmK-gd3XKA)
These videos are terrible. Some are 240p, some are much longer than they need to be. I watched several videos and they were all terrible for one reason or another.
Aloixa Sinclaire (UCtBk2ggp5jez-AyX4GhwqPg)
Squeaky 's' sounds throughout her videos. Very headache-inducing.
Dani's Math Tutorials (UCdjSDXqnEUfrs4l8ApdrMfA)
Speaks too quickly, and often mumbles.
Monica Moss (UCLdjDYBrjEMy6lG-8FmkZTQ)
Her explanations aren't very good. Another slight annoyance, is that she has a harsh voice that's somewhat headache-inducing. In at least one of her videos there is significant background noise, and in two others there is no sound at all.
AVAAN Edusolutions (UC1kKp_9EYBvQkUQjj6dauiQ)
Heavy accent, moderately broken English, and barely legible handwriting.
Smart Learning Tube (UCZmefbkI4fq-tML5xUC-ZJA)
I watched 5 videos. All of them would have been better as text. One of those videos had low audio quality.