Elementary number theory

If  \(x \ne 1,\)  then  \(\displaystyle \sum_{k = 0}^{n - 1} x^k = \dfrac{1 - x^n}{1 - x}.\)
Induction Proof for Sum of First N Powers of Real Numbers | Number Theory, Proofs
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\(\displaystyle \sum_{k = 0}^{n - 1} x^k = \dfrac{1 - x^n}{1 - x}\)
The theorem below relies on the theorem above.
If  \(n, m \in \mathbb{Z}^+\)  and  \(m \gt 1,\)  then  \(n \lt m^n.\)
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Let \(n, m \in \mathbb{Z}^+.\) If \(m \gt 1,\) then \(n \lt m^n.\)